Why Teak wood?

Teak wood is used for Furniture and flooring from Long years. We also consider Teak wood as best material for the same but one thought comes in our mind; Why teak wood? Is it only a belief or Scientific fact as well. So here is the answer for the same as we are living in the era where every belief is measured on the basis of Facts and figures.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Teak wood looks very attractive due to straight grain pattern coupled with a rich golden-brown colour. It also gives great touch feel, when compared with the newer engineered wood alternatives such as Particle boards and even plywood.

Beauty and hardness are most important feature due to which it is considered all over the world.

2. Strong Wood

Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad leaved deciduous trees, and is exceptionally strong, not only when compared to softwoods such as Mango wood or Pine wood, but also compared with most of the other hardwood species of trees.

3. Very Durable Wood

Teak wood furniture last for so many years, if proper care taken then it will last for 200 years. It is said that if you want a furniture which lasts for three generations then Teak(Sagwan) is option for you. This becomes possible due to hardness property of Teak wood.

4. Natural resistance to termites and insects

Natural oil content present in Teak wood helps to repel Termite(White Ant), Fungus and other insects. This Natural Resistance helps Teak wood to last long years. This special property of Teak wood make it superior in comparison to other trees.

5. Heat moderation

Teak wood solid wooden furniture moderates heat. It does not become too hot or too cold in the hot summers or the cold winters. Most people do not notice this particular quality of wood but it is one of the reasons why people instinctively like the touch and feel of natural wood furniture compared to its plastic or metal counterparts.

6. Resists rot and decay

Teak wood has a very high density due to which does not rot or decay easily and becomes Durable. Teak wood also has a natural resistance to several alkaline and acidic substances due to which it doesn’t get strained easily.

7. High dimensional stability

Teak wood doesn’t sink or wrap easily, It is least effected by Moisture hence that adds to durability as well.

8. Moisture-resistant

Teak wood has good resistance of moisture due to which it is best material for ship deck and Wooden flooring. It is best suited for making indoor furniture as well as high quality garden furniture.

9. Can be hand-carved

Teak wood is best material for Hand carved, so it is best suited for designing of Antique handcrafted Furniture.

10. Good Compatibility with iron and other metals

Good compatibility with Metal like Iron as teak wood does not hold moisture due to which Iron doesn’t get rusted.

11. It’s heavy wood

Teak wood is dense wood so the furniture’s made from teak wood feels heavy and increases gravity constant which adds to comfort ability.